Monday, June 1, 2015

Growing Now - May 31

I would like to thank Beth at More Than Oregano for hosting GrowNow2015. My participation in this event slows me down and gets me out in the garden with an eye and appreciation for what is happening, blooming, and budding versus just what more needs to be done. There is miraculous beauty all around and I've been too busy lately to enjoy it.

In Bloom:

Mexican Evening Primrose - stealing the show right now in the garden.
Growing around entire driveway island perimeter (below)
Driveway Island
Newly planted Jalapenos are tucked between Sedum & Primrose
continuing around entire perimeter
Shrub Roses just coming into bloom.
Coral Bells
Waterfall garden
Coral Bells - Japanese Iris
Wild Honeysuckle
The air is thick with their fragrance
Lambs Ears
They will soon be filled with bees

In the Veggie Garden:

Ruby and Neon Glow Swiss Chard
Almost time to begin light picking
Garden Babies
Baby loose head lettuce
Red Sails
My personal favorite lettuce
Yellow squash seedlings
From this week's planting

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