Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alison's Garden Tour - May 2015

Here is a brief tour of what's growing and blooming in my yard currently.  I am behind so far this year compared to where I usually am.  One too many spring projects.  
100+ yr. old Peonies - so very fragrant
seen with hardy geranium
These Peonies were given to me 28 years ago by my Mother in law.  They came from her grandmother.  I have another type as well, however they do not smell nearly as good. One of these blooms can fill a room with it's fragrance.  I keep one by my bedside.
Honeysuckle Vine
I have two of these climbers.  One alongside my house climbing a home-made trellis, another climbs up and around my bird feeder platform.
Red Knockout rose - from bush below

This red Knockout rose is huge.  I neglected to prune it back this year, so it is even larger than anticipated.  Behind it is a 4' fence and a bluebird nesting box (with babies).
One of many Iris, others have bloomed and are done.
Stella d'Oro - budding out
Blueberries.  New addition for 2015.
Hosta. So fresh this time of year.
Red Winter Kale - going to seed
One of the new 4x12 garden beds
We added three 4x12 raised garden beds in what used to be the swingset area for the kids. The pea gravel was existing as that was the base for the play area.  This bed contains heirloom tomatoes, basil, garlic, onions, direct sown yesterday - beets and purple carrots. Marigold edging. As you can see above, and below....I still have some "spring cleaning" to do around the yard.  

I have another row of raised beds alongside our pool deck.  Currently planted: lettuce bed, ruby and neon chard, potatoes, 4 standard tomatoes, 2 cherry tomatoes.
The lettuce is currently perfect.
 Picking from outside leaves prolongs harvest.
Peppers beginning their hardening off process
Pond area - prior to spring clean up
Rhododendron is past its peak bloom.
Well, that's the pretty, and not so pretty happening in the garden today.  I plan to continue posting updates on the garden throughout the growing season.  I hope you will enjoy following along.

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