Friday, January 9, 2015

Homeschool: planting a different kind of seed

I homeschooled my four for 13 years.  I had those wonderful "bluebirds chirping around my head" moments and those "small ship being tossed by a raging sea" moments.  If you homeschool, or if you are considering it, I want to extend my "olive branch" of knowledge and encouragement.

January is one of the "tough months" for homeschoolers.  The holidays: excitement, vacation, play time, "sugar", is over and it is back to work.  A struggle for student and parent alike.  The bleak, grey days don't help.  It was in these days I would change gears a little and focus on a little less "book work" and more on covering the topics through projects, experiments, dioramas, and games to supplement math assignments.  Mind you, not all at once, but nonetheless used as a means to add some creativity to the work and help ease the transition back into the "grind" so to speak.  

So, dear homeschooling parent.  Keep up the good work and your spirits.  Remember that homeschool isn't about "bringing the classroom into the home" but an opportunity to encourage your child(ren) toward a lifetime quest to learn. When was the last time you wondered about something and "googled" it to find an answer.  That is the love of learning you want to pass along.

Happy homeschooling. 

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